All About Miss Ashley
Owner / Director/ Instructor

Ashley started dancing at 4 years old. Her mom drug her to ballet class kicking and screaming for a month and then decided dance might not be her calling. As a freshman in high school, Ashley returned to the world of dance and has since made it her home. She trained at Shayna Kaye Dance Kraze in Plainwell, Michigan under Ms. Shayna Boone from 1999-2003. In addition to being a student and competitor at the dance studio, Ashley assisted with toddler and beginning level classes. In 2003, after high school graduation, Ashley became a full time teacher at SKDK where she taught a variety of dance genres for students from tots to teens. During her time at SKDK, Ashley continued to grow professionally. She attended Western Michigan University and studied education and dance. The dance program through WMU was heavily focused in ballet and modern dance. Ashley also traveled and attended many professional dance conferences including Dupree Dance Expo in Chicago (2003, 2004), Dance Teacher Magazine Teacher Training in New York (2004, 2005), PULSE Broadway Dance Center Teacher Training in New York (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2012) and Pulse Dance Convention in Chicago (2008). Through these training, Ashley has worked with many fantastic choreographers such as Bob Rizzo, Deborah Vogel, Cathy Roe, Finis Jhung, Sheila Barker, Toni Noblett, Mandy Moore, Wade Robson, Chris Judd, Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Laurie Ann Gibson and Mia Michaels.  Ashley started dancing with Miss Lindsey Martin when she moved to Wenatchee in 2008. She has been an adrenaline hip hop student at Dance Creations in Wenatchee where she dances with the competitive adult group (National Dance Champions). Ashley taught at Dance Creations in 2011 and 2012 but took the 2013 season off to have a baby. Ashley is ecstatic about this new adventure with Chelan Dance Centre. She is looking forward to sharing her love of dance and inspiring creativity through movement for kids in our community.  

Miss Jacquelynn moved to Chelan from Texas with her daughter about two years ago. She has danced primarily Russian Ballet since she was three with The Moving Company under Ms. Berguin, The Studio, 

and several other small dance companies, and was on pointe by age ten. During her younger years of dance, she took jazz and tap lessons as well and found that the quicker beats were paired well with her 

bubbly disposition. She was then a cheerleader in high school, which she found quite fun and a great confidence builder for many around her as all girls were accepted, despite the common stereotype that 

was placed on this sport. She has since taken other classes in Texas prior to her move to Chelan, Washington. Her daughter, Aevalynn, had taken dance classes in Texas and now dances here with enthusiasm. Miss Jacquelynn joins us at our studio with the primary goal of guiding our youth to find their inner voices, strength, balance, teamwork, and confidence while having fun in our cheerleading and tumbling classes.

All About Miss Jacquelynn
Chelan Dance Centre Legacy

Our Mission

Our mission, at Chelan Dance Centre is to provide quality dance education with emphasis in technique, style and performance for all students. Our students will develop self-esteem, self-discipline and self-awareness through mental and physical dance experiences while we foster a respect and life-long appreciation for movement and the art of dance.

Our Vision

Through dance, we can…
Move. Inspire. Grow. Heal. Teach. Create. Learn. Develop. 
At Chelan Dance Centre, our vision is to enrich the lives of those within our community through the art of dance because through dance, we can!

Chelan Dance Centre was started by Naomi Ellingson. As a high school student, Naomi had a dream and she made that dream a reality. She created an accepting environment where anyone of any age or ability level could dance. Frankie Bonnell-Jones took over the studio as Naomi went off to college. Frankie continued the traditions and high standards that Naomi had built. Haley Dame joined the teaching staff and created a fantastic program for Moms and their toddlers. Together Frankie and Haley poured their passion for dance and other local art forms into the studio, the students and their families. As Frankie and Haley move onto other adventures with their families, I am proud to pick up and continue the tradition of dance in Chelan. It's an honor and privileged to follow in the footsteps of these talented and passionate women to keep the love of dance alive in Chelan. 

All About Miss Jess

Miss Jess moved to Chelan just one year ago, a much needed change from the big city of Seattle. She grew up in the tiny town of Shelton, on the Olympic Peninsula. There, Jess found her passion of connecting movement to music, dancing at the Shelton Dance Centre for over ten years. In high school, she decided to jump ship and venture into cheerleading. Her high school cheer team took third place in state, inspiring crowds to become active participants in cheering on their beloved teams. Miss Jess recently pursued and obtained her master’s degree in special education, her true passion. It is her goal to encourage young students to find positive and productive outlets for their emotions through the form of dance. In her spare time, you can find Miss Jess in the mountains, playing golf with her family, cross-fitting, or trying to catch the biggest fish. 

107 South Emerson, Suite #5 P.O. Box 2074 Chelan, WA 98816   Phone: (509) 888-2108 

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