Tuition Overview

Our dance season runs from September-May. Tuition is calculated by the year and divided out over those 9 months. Tuition for one class is $360 for the year, $360 divided by the 9 month season equals $40 each month. The studio is closed for all holidays and we follow the Chelan Public Schools calendar, these dates have been accounted for and there will be no discounted months. If a class is cancelled due to weather or emergency, the class will be rescheduled, typically for a Friday at the regularly scheduled time. If you're unable to make up your class during the scheduled time, you're welcome to join a similar class for the makeup. There will be no refunds for missed classes or missed make ups. We will follow Chelan Public Schools lead with school closures due to weather or emergencies. If they close, we close. Please check our website, Facebook and Instagram or the main email account on file for all studio communications. Thank you!


Tuition for all classes 30-45-60 minutes will be the same. Tuition invoices will be sent to the email address on the account registration. Tuition is due Friday of the 1st full week of each month and automatic payments will be processed at that time. If your tuition will be late, please notify us in writing. We will pass out and/or mail invoices for unpaid accounts the second full Friday of each month. If an account balance is unpaid, the child may be dropped from the class. Thank you for making timely payments! We are happy to work with you but we need for you to communicate alternate plans in writing. 


Tuition Fees

Monthly $40/month due Friday of the 1st full week of each month

Yearly $320 (one month free) due in September lump sum

Semester 1 Sept-Dec $140 due in September ($20 savings)

Semester 2 Jan-May $180 due in January ($20 savings)

Tuition Discounts
Multiple Class- $5 monthly discount 

If your child participates in multiple classes, you may discount the monthly tuition by $5/month/class. This discount does also work for families! 

1 class (60 minutes)= $40/month

2 classes (60 minutes) = $75/month

3 classes (60 minutes)= $110/month

4 classes (60 minutes)= Buy 3, the rest are FREE


Unlimited- $110/month for all you can dance
Dancers who are interested in enrolling in many different classes may do so with a ceiling on the cost of tuition. For a dancer dancing in three different class,
tution would be $110/month and then all additional classes are free of charge. This only works for individual dancers, not for families.


Additional Fees

Our annual registration fee is $20 per student or the family fee of $50. This will be due at time of registration or with your first tuition payment. 


Our spring recital is the culmination of our dance season! It's amazing, truly. Please plan to participate. We need to know by November if your dancer will NOT dance in our spring recital. If we do not hear from you, in November, your dancer's costume fee(s) will be added to your account. This year, the costume fee(s) will be fixed per student per class. The cost for ballet costumes is $80, $30 for boys (any class) and $60 for all other students. We are collecting the full fee in November, on or before November 11, 2017. You do get to keep your child's costume(s). There will be no refunds on costumes. The fee includes tights, accessories and props. 

Each class has required attire, including appropriate dance shoes.  This will be an additional cost to you. You may choose where to purchase your child's dance attire, but we have links on our site for your convenience. 

107 South Emerson, Suite #5 P.O. Box 2074 Chelan, WA 98816   Phone: (509) 888-2108 

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